Dive into a grand futuristic world where your choices shape the adventure.


Chronicles of the Starbound

Innovative lifepath character creation that follows a player character from their birth up to the moment play begins, providing a rich and storied personal history from their experiences and connections, including alien and artificially intelligent characters.

Intuitive campaign management system where play is divided into three distinct modes: Encounters, Fieldwork, and Downtime, each with their own structures and methods that drive player engagement and freedom. A suite of GM tools allows for interesting conflict and opposing factions to devise and carry out their own plans in reactions to the player character’s actions.

Unique momentum-based initiative system where successes propel characters forwards while failures hold characters back - lending to a cinematic and desperate struggle any time there's danger; but don’t give up, there's always hope of turning it around at the perfect moment.

Dive into the heart of an interstellar conflict. Every decision influences your journey through the galaxy and shapes your path in a universe where every choice matters.

Design your character's origin, from humble beginnings to becoming a legendary super soldier. Develop your skills and tactics in a sci-fi world brimming with advanced technology and unknown dangers.

Effortlessly set up your campaign and propel your adventures forward, whether you're commanding solo missions or leading a team, with or without a Monitor.